When We Played - Garage Band Cards - Pro Collection (Includes 4 Gamer Mats) - (Rated 17+ Mature)

When We Played


Build A Band - Rock The World - Live The Dream

It is all here in When We Played - Garage Band Cards - Pro Collection. If you have ever dreamed of having your own band, rocking out with your buds while living the life of a wanna be rock-star, well this game is for you! (please note this game is rated 17+ Mature)

  • STRATEGICALLY CRUEL GARAGE BAND CARD GAME - First Ever Tabletop Garage Band Building Card & Dice Game With A One-Of-A-Kind Soundtrack Featuring An Incredible Eclectic Collection Of Bands And Artist From Across The US & UK. The Perfect Adult Party Game For Musicians, Bands, Music Lovers & Wanna Be Rock Stars!
  • INCREDIBLE ART - by America's Most Award Winning Syndicated Cartoonist & Director Glenn McCoy
  • UNIQUE GAME DESIGN WITH 3 DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY - 222 Poker Size Cards - 18 Jumbo Size Cards - 5 Custom Dice - 8 Page Standard Edition Game Rules For Medium & Advanced Players - 8 Page Music Guide - 80 Game Tokens – PLUS AVAILABLE NOW – Downloadable “Expanded Standard Edition 1.2 Game Rules”, “ Rock-N-Roll Hold’em Game Rules”, and “2 Player Freebird Rules”
  • MATURE THEMES WITH MUSICIANS IN MIND- 2 to 4 Players - Rated 17 & Up

When We Played - Garage Band Cards is an interesting mix of strategy, luck and comedic-cruelty. There are no dragons to slay, nor orcs or goblins to do battle with. Nope it's all about Rock-N-Roll. You collect bandmate cards, each with varying degrees of skill to form your very own garage band. Once you have placed them in your garage, you can outfit them with instruments and other unique items to increase their abilities thus leveling them up. At the same time you will be also garnering a legion of fans, an entourage of groupies, roadies, managers, etc...and unfortunately at the most inappropriate of times, even stalkers! Yes, "Bad Things" tend to happen as you rock your way through venues that grow in difficultly as you progress. Please note, at the same time you are doing your best to rise to fame, so are your opponents. Opponents who want to see you fail in the most humiliating ways and will do their very best to see to it that you do so. Also note, there are ways you can hinder your opponents ability to succeed as well. Be the first to complete all the Venues and you win the game.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions we receive about this game.
  • How many people can play this game? 2-4
  • Why is this game 17+ Mature Rated? While the game does revolve heavily on music, there are subject matters such as sex, drugs and alcohol that are dealt with in a humorous way. Simulated alcohol and weed usage is part of the game as well. 
  • How long does it take to play a match? 30-90 Minutes
  • What makes the first printing of this game "Special"? The first printing of this game contains one bonus jumbo-sized (non-playable) collectors edition card by Syndicated, Award Winning Cartoonist / Writer / Director  Glenn McCoy only. In addition to this card you also receive the inaugural Garage Band Cards CD Soundtrack featuring 13 bands/artists across the US and The UK we feel best exemplifies Garage Band Cards in 2018. 
  • I bought the game, but I do not have a CD player, can I get a downloadable version of the game soundtrack? Absolutely and at no additional charge, just email us with the email address you used when you purchased the game and the date you purchased it.
  • Is the Collectors Edition card that comes with the game the same as the Limited Edition Card that is sold separately? No, these are 2 different cards. 
  • How many cards come with the Game? 222 Poker Size Game Cards and 17 Over-sized Jumbo Cards
  • How many dice? 5 Custom 6 sided Dice
  • Does the Gaming Mat come with the Pro Collection? 4 Gaming Mats are included with the Pro Collection.
  • How many pages are in the instruction booklet? There are 8 pages in the booklet. The booklet is full color and the size will be approximately 8.5" by 8.5"
  • What are the Red & Green Crystal Markers used for in the game? The Red & Green Crystal Markers are ONLY used if you own a gaming mat. They are used to mark your overall performance score on the hopscotch field. Place the green on the first number of your score and the red on the second number of your score.

 When We Played - 1st Edition - Pro Collection

By purchasing this product you agree that you are 17 years of age or older and understand this game is strictly for entertainment purposes and any simulated alcohol, drug or sexual shenanigans is just that...simulated and should not be attempted at any time.

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