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America's #1 Award Winning Syndicated Cartoonist Glenn McCoy Is Purely Rocking With When We Played-Garage Band Cards

What happens when you take the very best syndicated cartoonist, writer, director,and wanna-be Rock God, known for his cutting edge wit and unbelievable drawing style and throw him into the world of table-top games? You get what we believe, and thousands of others are anxiously awaiting for, a card/dice game like no other. A rock-n-roll game changer.

The game is When We Played - Garage Band Cards

The artist is none other than this years winner of the 2017 Inkpot Award for Achievement in Comic Arts by the San Diego Comic-Con International, Glenn McCoy.

While most card games pit you in some sort of tolkienesque fantasy setting, having your hero battling countless dragons, trolls and goblins, When We Played - Garage Band Cards has you building your own unique garage band, outfitting those bandmates with the coolest instruments and items, garnering an entourage consisting of fans, groupies, roadies, managers and more...all the while rocking your way to fame by playing at increasingly more difficult venues while trying to overcome insane obstacles, "Bad Things" like stalkers, stds, overdoses…and while those obstacles sound down right serious “and they are”, when McCoy puts his pen to the cards you can be certain you will either be laughing out loud or your jaw will be dropping wide open. Yes, he is that good and the game looks to be a blast!

For those of you who are too young to know who Glenn McCoy is or who do not follow the world of politics, rest assure you will be getting a game crafted by one of the sharpest and wittiest minds in the business. How sharp? No other cartoonist has been honored by the National Cartoonist Society more than Glenn McCoy. His fourteen awards include Magazine Cartoonist of the Year, Editorial Cartoonist of the Year, Comic Strip Artist of the Year, Newspaper Panel Cartoonist of the Year, and The Greeting Card Artist of the Year.

His nationally syndicated editorial cartoons have been reprinted in the New York TimesUSA Today, USA Today and Newsweek, and appear frequently on CNN. His works have been discussed on just about every major news outlet in addition to the talk show, the View (He does not have many fans on that His comic strip “The Duplex” has been syndicated since 1993 and runs in newspapers from Seattle to Sweden. Glenn also works with his brother Gary on “The Flying McCoys" -- a single panel comic (featured in Chicago Sun Times, New York Daily News, Washington Post and 150 other clients). Several collections of his editorial, Duplex, and Flying McCoy cartoons have been published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

In addition to his syndicated features, Glenn also works for many of the top magazines, greeting card companies, and publishing houses in the country. Glenn’s children’s books include “I see Santa Everywhere” and “Penny Lee and Her TV” (Hyperion) and have been printed in five languages. He has designed, drawn, and written for many studios including Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Animation and Fox Television.

So, as you can tell now, that is quite a pedigree…and now to add to that incredible list of accomplishments, he enters the world of gaming. He recently was asked why a card game about bands? “I love what I do and I can not believe I am getting paid to draw. I am constantly looking at different types of mediums to explore. I have always loved music. I always wanted to be in a garage band when I was younger but just did not have the talent. But, I love to draw.  When I was approached by Phil (President/When We Played, Inc.) he started talking about an idea he had for a game that involved Garage Bands…I said, now this sounds cool….I’m in.” McCoy said switching gears from political cartoons and CGI film projects can be a challenge at times. However, when McCoy is in the  groove so to speak, no music pun there…well maybe a little, it just flows out. He’s that 17 year old kid, banging on the drums, fantasizing he is the next Jon Bottom…and it shows in the cards.

When We Played – A Garage Band Cards is being launched on Kickstarter in early November, fans of music, art and Glenn McCoy are not going to want to miss this one.