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This Is Not Your Father's Card Game

While most card games pit you in some sort of tolkienesque fantasy setting, having your hero battling countless dragons, trolls and goblins, When We Played - Garage Band Cards has you building your own unique rock-n-roll garage band.

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About When We Played, Inc.

When We Played is an entertainment focused business made up of an eclectic mix of artists and successful business entrepreneurs. Each player, as we refer refer to them in this company brings a unique set of talents to the table.

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We are hard at work testing and creating the cards for this awesome new fantasy card game. To stay up to date on the progress of When We Played - Garage Band Cards, please visit and like our Facebook page.

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When We Played Garage Bands

Your Band In The Soundtrack

This game would not be what it is without the amazing support and incredible talent of so many musicians and fans alike. One of the little extras we are shooting for to be included with the  limited edition game is a Soundtrack. Yep with your support we will be adding a diverse collection of Garage Bands from all across the world to add to the Limited Edition When We Played Garage Band game. This soundtrack will be a "FIRST" in the gaming and music industry. The collection of unknown artist and bands will be available either via a digital downloadable album or included as a CD in the special collectors edition of When We Played...or perhaps both! If you are interested in possibly being a part of this soundtrack please visit our Soundtrack Page.

Kick Up Your Game With A Garage Gaming Mat - Not Required, But Cool As All Get Out, And A Big Plus!