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When We Played - Garage Band Cards

When We Played – Garage Band Cards™ by When We Played, Inc. is the coolest, most engaging, and strategically entertaining tabletop card / dice game for music lovers to smash onto the gaming scene in years. Period.

Whether you are a fan of cards games, or you just enjoy jamming out with your buds in the garage, When We Played – Garage Band Cards has been created with you in mind. It’s Sex, Drugs & Rock-N-Roll all wrapped up in a sidesplitting, fantasy garage band building card game.

STRATEGICALLY CRUEL GARAGE BAND CARD GAME - First Ever Tabletop Garage Band Building Card & Dice Game With A One-Of-A-Kind Soundtrack Featuring An Incredible Eclectic Collection Of Bands And Artist From Across The US & UK. The Perfect Adult Party Game For Musicians, Bands, Music Lovers & Wanna Be Rock Stars!

INCREDIBLE ART - by America's Most Award Winning Syndicated Cartoonist & Director Glenn McCoyUNIQUE

GAME DESIGN WITH 3 DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY - 222 Poker Size Cards - 18 Jumbo Size Cards - 5 Custom Dice - 8 Page Standard Edition Game Rules For Medium & Advanced Players - 8 Page Music Guide - 80 Game Tokens – PLUS AVAILABLE NOW – Downloadable “Expanded Standard Edition 1.2 Game Rules”, “ Rock-N-Roll Hold’em Game Rules”, and “2 Player Freebird Rules”

MATURE THEMES WITH MUSICIANS IN MIND- 2 to 4 Players - Rated 17 & Up



- 222 Poker sized cards that consist of outrageously cool bandmates; sexy, hot groupies; assorted fans, managers, roadies, stalkers and more! In addition to those awesome cards, there are also cards that are simply, and aptly entitled, Bad Things.
- 13 Jumbo sized “Venue” cards where your bands will compete at.
- 4 Jumbo sized reference cards to help keep everything straight.
- 80 Game markers to help you keep track of each member of your bands current level.

- 5 Custom Dice to help you attain Rock God Stardom! Whether you are practicing in your own garage, performing live at some “Dive Bar”, or just partying your butt off, (that is if your bandmates are old enough) these dice help you do it all!

- 8 Page Instruction manual

- 8 Page Music guide


A When We Played – Garage Band Cards™ Soundtrack that features an amazing collection of songs from the vanguard of new up-and-coming musicians and bands from across the United States and the United Kingdom, not to mention some older artists as well.


When We Played – Garage Band Cards™ is intended for Mature Audiences (17yrs & Up) only. This warning is due to its simulated alcohol & weed usage and some adult language of the game soundtrack!

So grab your friends and enjoy an evening of fun. Experience the ups and downs of having your own garage band. This game is being brought to life through the comedic art style of America's Most Awarded and # 1 Syndicated Cartoonist Glenn McCoy.


The new 2 Player Freebird Expansion Rules has arrived.

These rules take the standard edition rules and streamline them for both the casual gamer and seasoned veteran for 20 minute dives into the world of Garage Band Cards!

Garage Band Cards, Mats & Music

When We Played, Inc.

When We Played, Inc. is an American game developer and publisher based in a rather small town that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from St. Louis, Missouri. The company focuses primarily on card games and music based projects, with most having a somewhat nostalgic element. When We Played, Inc. was founded in 2017.

The Soundtrack

When We Played - Garage Band Cards the game features some of the best bands and artists from across the pond and here in the states. Including an actual CD soundtrack was something we wanted to do from the very beginning of the development of the game. If you have purchased the Game and you don't have a CD player, we have you covered. Just shoot us an email with the email address you have purchased the game with through our store and we will get you a digital copy. Check out the official Soundtrack T-Shirt! Click the banner BELOW to purchase the shirt today, available ONLY here.