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While most card games pit you in some sort of tolkienesque fantasy setting, having your hero battling countless dragons, trolls and goblins, When We Played - Garage Band Cards has you building your own unique rock-n-roll garage band.

Rock & Roll At It's Very Best...and Worst

When We Played - Garage Band Cards is a tabletop card/dice game that lets you experience the ups and downs of having your own garage band with no musical talent needed. It’s about Sex, Drugs, & Rock-N-Roll and everything in between as you race to build a band, rock the world and gain fame and fortune before your rival bands do. This nostalgic classic rock-n-roll game is being brought to life through the comedic art style of America's # 1 Syndicated Cartoonist Glenn McCoy. This game will be available soon! To find out more follow the Buy Soon Here link!Featuring the Art Of Glenn McCoy

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Glenn McCoy

To Rock Is To Have Style When we first set out to make this game, we decided it had to be about two things. First, and most importantly it had ...

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