What We Are All About

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose And Sometimes You Bend The Rules

When We Played, Inc. is a small entertainment focused company with an emphasis on creating fun and unique games, in addition to compelling music and film projects. At the core of each and every project is a magical, nostalgic element that hearkens back to simpler times. Those nostalgic elements are the foundation for everything we produce so this generation and generations past can all enjoy When We Played products.

The Team of Players that make up this great company is an eclectic mix of artists, entertainers, game designers and independent thinking business entrepreneurs. Each and every member of the When We Played team brings a unique set of talents to the company which then allows all of us to remember what it's like "When We Played".

When We Played - Garage Band Cards is the first game out of the shoot with "Flashlight Tag" , "Get Plowed", "Hangman" , "Leaving Mayberry", "Bar Fight ", "String-A-Long" and "Crossroads" all in the works for 2018 & 2019.

Phillip McClary - President

Prior to starting When We Played, Inc.,Phillip McClary was the co-founder of Intervine. In 2010 he partnered with his brother Mike where they began developing and selling products directly to consumers where each and every product was focused on improving the quality of life for their customers. Some of the brands that helped propel that business to the top were Supernova Lanterns & Flashlights along with Leather Afterlife Leather Conditioner.

From 1999 to 2010 Phillip McClary worked as an Outdoor Media Land Developer & Digital Media Director for Outcepts, LLC., Citivision & Fosterpond Media. Phillip McClarys’ portfolio contains clients such as Miller Lite, Anheuser Busch, The Casino Queen & Green Mountain Outdoor. 

In addition to to all of the above, Phillip has worked as a musician, songwriter and wannabe Rock God since the age of 15.